Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A new Easter frock.

Grandma had Ella all prettied-up on Sunday. She looked like a walking, talking, singing Impressionist painting. Not everyone could pull this off!

Lollipop at 8:45 am? Yes, if it helps with photos. I have no shame.
After heading to a packed house at Ah-men where we met up with family, we headed to my brother's new home for a wonderful day. Ella so enjoys bopping around with her cousins.

I'm glad two out of three of them know how to smile.
My brother outdid himself with the Easter egg hunt. And Ella actually had fun (and a lot of help from her cousins and Papa) looking for all the loot.

Loot counting. Serious stuff.

Baby Lily is growing like a weed and such a good little girl. Ella continues to be unsure of her - she can't figure out why she's not walking yet but shows no interest in fussing over her either. In fact, I would venture to guess she views her as 'competition'. As I was holding Lily in church, Ella jumped to attention came to my side and whispered, "You aren't taking her home?" And really, it was more of a statement than a question.

Kindle break for Michael, Ella and Papa.

Aunt Cathy scored the biggest cool points by bringing her famous-brand tablet with her. She set it to the camera setting (the irony does not get lost on me when you consider her refusals to be photographed) and let the kids have turns. The squeals of delight were fantastic (adults included). So are my pictures of them...


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