Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Fun

On Saturday, our friends Gabe and Lana spent the night. Drums. Pizza. Popcorn. Card games. Cooking in Ella's kitchen. Lana was a huge help with bathtime and bedtime and Ella enjoyed having her buddies still with her in the morning. Whenever she could, she would yell, "Gabe!!" just to make sure he was nearby.

All five of us managed to make it to church early on Sunday morning. That amazed me more than anyone, trust me.

Ella even figured out how to play her pink harmonica (possible video on that to come). You will see here that she continues to be intrigued by all the bells, whistles, beats and washboards on her Daddy's drum platform. She occupied herself for quite a while we worked from home last week.

Turn up your tunes this week...spring is only 13 days away! H, L & EML

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