Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ella's First Road Trip!

We recently packed up and headed to Washington Island, WI, family style. B&N Lindsay were our gracious hosts. The JT and The Clouds extended family descended upon them. We had great weather, kids and dogs everywhere, and Ella continued to charm everyone she met.

We caught the Clouds at Nelsen’s Hall, hit School House Beach.

Cooked out and hung out on Lindsay's' pretty cool back porch oasis...

...and on Sunday headed back to the mainland for the Clouds in concert at Camp David, just outside of Fish Creek. Seeing them play the converted barn/concert venue was one of the best, and most unique, shows ever.

Eleanor and Ella, socializing before their first Clouds concert.

Often in life, the highs get balanced out. As we packed up Monday morning for the trip home, we learned that Larry’s mother passed away. The news was tempered by the fact that it was no surprise, and on some levels, a blessing. We could take comfort in the fact that she enjoyed a visit from Ella about two weeks prior, before her final decline.

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  1. Such a smiley-face on that girl! Love her to pieces. She is so lucky to have you and Larry for parents.

    So sorry to hear of the loss of Larry's mom. Will be thinking of you over the coming days.

    Amy M.