Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Beautiful Chaos and Expectation.

Happy Twenty Ten, everyone! As of late this afternoon, still no word on Travel Approval. Tomorrow marks five weeks since we received the referral on Ella Man Li. The customary window from referral to travel is two to eight weeks. So, even though it seems like an eternity, we are still between those bookends.
Since our last post, it has been nothing short of pandemonium. And it has been a fabulous flurry, for sure! We have enjoyed two Ella-Brations with family and friends. Both times, I found myself looking at the sea of faces and being overcome with joy and love and tears. And I'm not exaggerating when I write sea. Ella's army is bigger and stronger than ever. And there was food and more food for her army...

... there were pretty party planners...

...and some of my favorite little ladies were in attendance.

And then a week later, our church family threw a fantastic celebration for us after the worship service. We were humbled and loved and euphoric all over again.

The laundry duties and house prep have not subsided. We have enough clothes to support costume changes every hour for the next two years of her life. Closets and cupboards are re-arranged for the onslaught of toys and diapers; bottles and sippy cups; baby food and formula. We are practicing our Mandarin words to help us in our travels, yet still stumped by the complexities of this language!
We expect travel news very soon - check back in.
~The Happy Parents


  1. I love reading that all of this is finally happening! I can't wait to see the photo of the three of you together very soon.-Autumn

  2. Congratulations! You left a post on our blog (Journey2Ally)....thank you! I hope you were encouraged by our story. Ally is wonderful --- and Ella will be too. Just "roll with it" (in Kunming) -- and make your goal just bringing home your perfect little one. We will be following along! God Bless, Cheryl (journey2ally.blogspot.com)